Fuel 4 Schools

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InterClimate Networks worked closely with Rotary to set up Fuel 4 Schools. Between 2011 and 2012 81 schools and youth co-operatives in Kenya were equipped and trained to manufacture fuel briquettes from waste material such as sawdust, cardboard, nuts, etc. These briquettes reduce deforestation by providing a sustainable and cheaper alternative to tree-based charcoal.

The ICN team in Kenya provided training and equipment to schools. The machines used are manufactured in Kenya, facilitating and supporting local green enterprise.
The briquettes are used in school kitchens and sold to the wider community. In the schools income is being used to fund other environmental projects such as water harvesting. In the co-operatives the objective is to make the activity into a sustainable business. 
In 2013 Global Village Energy Partnership took over the running of this project in order to further develop and expand it. Rotary remain involved providing Rotary Sustainability Grants to entrepreneurs making the cost of borrowing capital more affordable and ensuring that their green businesses flourish.