International Climate Challenge

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The International Climate Challenge (ICC) was the first programme devised and developed by InterClimate Network (ICN). It was a 3 year programme (2008 -2011) implemented in India, Kenya and the UK.

The purpose has been to build an interacting global network of young people who, in the course of their studies, formal or informal, analyse the impact of climate change on their communities and identify and take action towards sustainable and workable solutions that address the emerging challenges.

Since 2008, ICC has touched more than 5000 young people in over 200 schools, colleges and youth groups. In the UK we have worked mainly in the South East and South West. In Kenya we have worked in the South, West and East regions and in India we have worked in Mumbai and Pune. Those involved have actively:

Accessed a wide range of ICC educational resources and workshops to undertake critical analysis of climate change and develop their theoretical understanding around these issues.

Understood the four themes – energy, water, food and waste– and their relationship to climate change, local livelihoods and sustainable development.

Researched, prioritised, planned and developed a project to tackle one or more of the concerns, related to one or more of the themes and based on the practical solutions prioritised. Many of the projects have supported income generation, been highly practical and closely linked to local environment risks and vulnerabilities.

Shared information and learning with other young people including groups in other countries.

Engaged with both the local community and the international climate change debate.

You can view our impact report from Kenya through our blurb book: