Model Climate Conferences

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Modelling the UN Climate Conference, teams of students from schools across an area meet in impressive local Council Chambers to debate international climate policy and progress since the 2015 Paris Agreement.  The events help to develop insights into complex environmental, ethical and economic issues of global climate change.  They are also great for building skills in independent research, presentation and negotiation, as well as teamwork.

At the United Nations (UN) climate talks in 2015, world leaders from 196 countries made the historic and universal 'legally binding' Paris Agreement to cut Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and so keep global warming well below 2 degrees Celsius. They also agreed to attempt to limit the rise to 1.5°C through countries' emission reduction targets.  It was summarised by Christiana Figueres as:

'the world's determination to de-couple global economic growth from the growth of greenhouse gases.' 

Read more about the Paris Agreement in this Explore the Facts.

In the second part of the afternoon, local sustainability leaders and active organisations share their expertise on key themes such as air quality, biodiversity, energy, food and food waste, resource-use, travel and transport, waste and recycling.  Crucially, the students then generate their own pledges for action to take back to school.

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