Czech Republic



SEVER has been operating since 1994 and it has 4 branches across the Czech Republic. The Centre cooperates with schools and other bodies dealing with environmental education both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Every year thousands of participants take part in different educational events organised by SEVER:

  • For students, SEVER provides residential educational programmes (primary and secondary schools from all over the Czech Republic come to Krkonoše - Giant Mountains), short-term educational programmes (from kindergartens up to secondary schools), school environmental projects, hobby-clubs, weekend events and camps.

  • For educators and university students we provide training, consultations, internships, teaching tools and books.

  • For the general public we organise educational and awareness campaigns and events and provide consultancy and assistance in solving environmental issues.


Nadace PartnerstvíNadace Partnerství / Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (CEPF) is a leading Czech foundation supporting sustainable development solutions. It assists citizens in the protection and improvement of their environment, including providing them with grants, expert knowledge and services and inspiration from abroad.

CEPF also supports environmental protection, considerate transport and tourism, using renewable energy resources and quality public spaces. In Brno CEPF is building a unique facility for environmental education focused on energy use and climate change. Part of the facility is the educational garden opened for schools and the public which focuses on teaching physics, chemistry and environmental education. Furthermore, the Centre will accommodate up to 120 NGO experts and plans to host 30.000 visitors a year. Building will be interconnected with teaching architecture at universities in Prague and in Brno. 

Besides this project Environmental Partnership Foundation is active in several environmental education projects, the most significant is Schools for Sustainable Living.