Here are resources developed by ICN in Kenya and UK to support young people to think critically about the issues, develop ideas and take action. There is also an overview in the Action Booklet.

Climate Voices - Ideas and Inspiration for Schools Toolkit 2017 (445.64 KB)

For teachers and students: ideas and activities to give impetus to your work on climate action updated for 2017.

Climate Voices School Toolkit - 2018 (245.9 KB)

Ideas and inspiration for climate action in your school.

Hear Our Voices (1.44 MB)

Model Climate Conferences 2015 - What you thought... (325.64 KB)

Headlines from the teacher and student evaluations of our conferences in London, Cheltenham, South Gloucestershire and Reading from November - December 2015.

Model Climate Conferences 2016 - What you thought... (230.94 KB)

A summary of feedback from students and teachers from the 2016 Model Climate Conferences, identifying curriculum links and ICN's plans for 2017.