InterClimate Network is a charity that inspires and enables young people to consider climate sustainability to be one of their priorities in planning their careers and lives.

What we do

We work in secondary schools with students from age 13-18. We engage young people with the complexities of climate change, inspire their climate action, and promote their voices in their own sustainable future.

Climate Voices

Climate Voices is our core programme working to develop young people’s critical thinking about global climate change right now and to inspire their own action and voices for positive change both in school and for their own sustainable futures.

Since Climate Voices started in 2015, we have engaged 60 secondary schools and over 2000 pupils, delivering 30 Climate Conferences, summits and workshops. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we adapted our programme to deliver a suite of resources and tools which have been rolled out to dozens of schools across the UK. Over 3,400 students have undertaken our Climate Action Survey in 2021.

Young people participating in our climate conferences step up and grasp challenging concepts about what is important for different countries and peoples around the world. They deepen their understanding of the different perspectives and inequalities that exist, and the challenges in bringing about change. Through their conference reports and own initiatives back in school, they can inspire their peers to join them in climate action.



Resources & Briefings


Action in Schools

News, bite-sized information & detailed resources on global climate change

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Climate Conferences

Action in Schools

Throughout the year we provide ‘bite-size’ information on climate change and news items on international negotiations and global efforts to reduce emissions and adapt. We show the breadth of climate action by young people in schools where we work and across the world. See our blogs, twitter feed, and Instagram stories.

Brilliant conference. Really opened the students’ minds about the seriousness of climate change.

– Teacher attending a Climate Conference

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

We are grateful for the funders of Climate Voices: Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT); Reading Climate Change Partnership; The Summerfield Charitable Trust; Ethical Giving; Natural Capital Partners; Individuals’ donations and professional contributions.

Local Councils are also significant ‘enablers’ of our programme in providing their support and the local democratic debating space for conferences.