Young people we engage with are inspired to bring climate issues to life through their advocacy, actions and careers choices. Our programmes have a range of measurable impacts and wider benefits.

Our impact in numbers

Our core Climate Voices programme has inspired young people from all over the UK to become advocates and leaders for action on climate change. Since 2018:


Over 5,000 young people from over 100 secondary schools in the UK have taken part in climate conferences and action workshops. 90% of students we surveyed after events felt their views were listened to.

Advocacy and action

83% of young people we surveyed after our events said that as a result of taking part, they now want to influence friends and family. Through our programme, over 900 young people have developed their ideas for climate action and met with experts and decision-makers.


Over 100 students have shown leadership after participating in our programme, from participating in local government climate strategy to running for public office.


Over 40% of the students participating in our initiatives came from schools with pupil premium levels above the national average.

We adapted our programme during the coronavirus pandemic to enable young people to continue their engagement and action on climate change despite restrictions on physical events.

Behaviour change
During 2020 we developed and piloted the Climate Action Survey, a new, student-led climate action tool. Over 3,500 students have already had their say using the survey in schools across the UK, driving behaviour change in school.

COP26 Comes to School
We adapted our flagship climate conference resource to allow schools to run their own COP26-style conference in the classroom, and have rolled out this out nationally in 2021.

Our impact – an external perspective

“The Climate Voices II project has made strong progress towards all of the objectives in the first 2 years, despite the ambitious nature of the proposal and additional challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The approach taken is collaborative and consultative, resulting in events and resources which are relevant to young people delivered in inclusive, interactive and engaging ways.”

Dr Katy Newell-Jones – 2020 Midpoint Review of the Climate Voices programme

Case studies

Supporting youth engagement with Reading’s climate strategy

We have worked with Reading School over the last six years to engage students in Model Climate Conferences and to support climate action work in schools. In 2019-20, we supported Reading sixth former Muhammed to work with a group of four students from across the year groups at Reading School to participate in Reading’s Climate Change Partnership climate emergency strategy meeting in June 2019, after attending one of our conferences.

Partnerships with higher education in Gloucestershire

Through our partnership with Cheltenham Borough Council, our team was put in touch with Dr Hazel Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Gloucestershire who was looking to run a module where her students could support a community project. Following a meeting with 6 students they decided they would like to support us to develop the Climate Action Survey.

Students went on to undertake significant research into climate change, notably looking at impacts at an individual and community level, and around behaviour change. Their research, supported by our own parallel research, formed the framework for the Climate Acton Survey, which has now been rolled out to over 3,500 secondary school students nationally and is driving positive behaviour change at a school level.