The time to act on climate change is right here and now. ICN offers a range of pathways for school students to improve sustainability and raise awareness in their schools and communities.

Young people in the UK and around the world are doing everything from leading projects and campaigns to making films and using art and poetry to raise awareness and encourage change in their schools and communities.

The 2018 Special Report from the world’s scientists [IPCC 2018 Special Report summary] helps focus on 4 areas where we can each make the most difference in reducing carbon:

  • Energy
  • Food & food waste
  • Travel & Transport and
  • What we buy & use

For ways to communicate the climate change challenge and help students generate simple but effective climate actions they can take in school on each of these topics, see the ideas below and in our resources page (view resources).

Here are some great examples of Action in Schools:

Acting on food waste

6th formers from Badminton School in Bristol decided to decrease plastic and food waste. They engaged support across the whole school, including the Senior Staff. Their new Instagram account was a great success. They’ve now set up an Environmental Committee for even more action.

Acting on single-use plastic

Students from Chosen Hill School in Cheltenham worked to change attitudes on single-use plastic, liaising with the Staff Green Team and the school’s waste management and catering companies. Textiles students transformed concerns surrounding single use plastics into a unique dress. The activities succeeded in motivating others into action.

Action on Recycling

Gumley House School’s eco-group in London focused on a new recycling scheme, reducing waste enormously. This included introducing reusable water bottles and making single-use bottles more expensive. Their ‘logo competition’ was a great way to engage other students. The winning logo on bottles will provide an identity for the initiatives.

Here are very practical ways to help you raise awareness of climate change and lead climate action in school:

Climate Action workshops

ICN has developed easy-to-use resources to engage students in critical thinking about Climate Change as a ‘super-wicked’ problem and spark their creativity for what difference they can make in school

Use this Climate Action workshop resource including powerpoint and theme worksheets to generate many ideas and prioritise action worksheets (view resources).

If you are located in our current areas of work our team of staff and volunteers can provide input so please get in touch.

Plan Climate Action in school

Our Toolkit has plenty of ideas and links to useful resources and organisations for anyone unsure about how to get going with Climate Action. And Climate Action planning activities will help students decide on what should be priorities for action and how to shape their plans.

Access the Toolkit and Climate Action planning activities here.

Schools in our current areas of work can request us to run an action planning workshop.

Become a Climate Correspondent

This is a fantastic opportunity for your voice to reach a wider audience. If you are between 13 and 18, apply here to become a Climate Correspondent and share the action you are taking in your school and wider community.

Get advice and support

There are many organisations with ideas to share. See our Climate Action Toolkit for links to many relevant initiatives (view resources) . In the areas where ICN operates we will also put you in touch with local experts who can support your low carbon, sustainable initiatives – from growing your own vegetables to generating your own electricity.

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