It is more important than ever to put all our voices behind more ambitious climate action.

Even if it doesn’t feel like a lot, the most important thing we can each do is to speak with others about the Climate Emergency. Here are useful resources for you to find out more, debate vital questions and have a say in what needs to change globally, in your school and local community.

You can also see some great initiatives taken by young people in their areas by clicking to their stories through the photo gallery below. If you are interested in writing about Climate Change for our website please do get in touch using the ‘Climate Correspondent’ link at the bottom of the page.

Bring COP26 Climate Conference to school

LAUNCH: Watch here for details of ICN’s new resource that will mean you can Bring COP26 to your classroom.

197 nations of the United Nations (UN) will meet in Glasgow in November 2021 for COP26* to show their progress and ambition to do more on Climate Change (see 2015 Paris Agreement in our resources). The pressure is on for the world to turn words into action.

Our new COP26 resource has everything you need for your own UN-style climate negotiations to bring this critical global debate to life in school. It includes up-to-date briefings for 18 countries that will take key roles in COP26 itself. Your climate conference can be held in class or across school(s), including virtually and you will:

  • Research & present countries’ views
  • Debate Paris pledges and climate challenges
  • Collaborate to raise global ambition for Climate Action

Request a pack using the sign up button below. ICN can also provide facilitation support for conferences across school(s).

Your conclusions and individual pledges for action will form part of a strong message to decision-makers: young people leading the way through your own commitments to change.

* United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP)

Have your say on Climate Action in school

Use our new Climate Action Survey to reach out across your school and hear the views of as many students as possible, developing important skills on the way. Your own survey will help you make a positive difference with climate action plans, and is a great way for students across school to have a say, providing insight into:

  • What your fellow students from Year 7 to Year 13 think about Climate Change
  • How different viewpoints do (or don’t!) motivate climate action
  • Which actions in your own school will have the biggest impact in this Climate Emergency.

Check out these Example Results to see how they will inform your school’s climate actions.  Then Sign Up below.

At the heart of the survey are questions about what will motivate students to undertake climate action. Five different ways have been identified to be investigated and you can read about the research behind these ‘behaviour change’ approaches here.

Go to Stories to find out how we developed the survey during lockdown with students from nine secondary schools across the country and university students studying Applied Sociology at the University of Gloucestershire. Special thanks for the eye-catching logos go to two students from Chosen Hill School, Gloucestershire (above) and Isleworth & Syon School, Hounslow (below).

Get involved with local decisions

Follow these links for inspiration about ways you can have a say, whether that’s taking part in local consultations or putting your questions to decision-makers:

Helping you have a say on Climate Change:

Use a Climate Action Survey to have a say

Our new Climate Action Survey is designed to be led by students to help inform climate action in your school. Use the Sign Up button to request the survey and help students across school have a say.

Bring COP26 to school

Request our new COP26 Climate Conference resource to hold a high quality UN-Style summit in school or between a group of schools. Your own conclusions and pledges will be an important part of ‘Climate Voices’ going to COP26 in Glasgow this November.

Become a Climate Correspondent

This is a fantastic opportunity for your voice to reach a wider audience. If you are between 13 and 18, apply here to become a Climate Correspondent and share action you are taking in your school and wider community.

As a teenager my views are not always considered. I want to help in every way possible.

Hounslow student, 2019 Conference