Date: September 23, 2021 Venue:Zoom

Free teachers’ workshop, for teachers and TAs of all Key Stages, with Michila Critchley (Programme Manager, InterClimate Network). How do we teach children and young people about the climate crisis and COP26 in a responsible way?

Climate disasters are being reported every day, from all parts of the world. The UN COP26 international meeting takes place in Glasgow in November. How do we, as educators, take this opportunity to help children and young people understand what is happening and explore what positive actions we can all take?

As part of the Great Big Green Week, this free workshop will discuss practical approaches to these issues for educators.

Date and time: Thursday 23 September, 16:00 – 17:30 (1.5 hours)

Venue: Zoom (sign up through Devon Development)

By the end of this training:

  1. We will help you navigate the very large number of climate teaching resources available.
  2. Make climate connections to networks you are already engaged in: eg. Fairtrade, P4C, Eco-schools, Oxfam.
  3. Consider how to make a positive climate-response to the 4 Cs: Campus, Curriculum, Community and Culture.
  4. Share and co-create local opportunities to tackle this crisis

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