We’re launching a project through the Aviva Community Fund which pioneers an innovative new approach to supporting young people to lead on climate action – the Climate Action Toolkit – with a local focus on schools and young people in Buckinghamshire.

Watch our launch video to find out more:

The campaign is live until 22 April and hopes to raise £5,000 to benefit 1,500 young people (age 11-18) in Buckinghamshire by providing expert support to roll out the Climate Action Toolkit, an innovative package of support for climate action in schools which was developed and piloted in 2021 with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

Ruben Brooke, Trustee of InterClimate Network, said:

“The launch of our new crowdfund through Aviva is an exciting moment. We’re going to work hard to secure the backing of as many people as possible to help support youth climate action in Buckinghamshire, providing expert support to schools and young people through the Climate Action Toolkit.”

If you would like to support the campaign, you can do so through the Aviva Community Fund platform: