Explore ways of working with ICN to empower and enable young people to lead on environmentally sustainable behaviours, career choices, and societal change.

Climate Conferences

Our UN-style model climate conferences offer high quality learning opportunities for students. Find out about past and present events here.

Our new COP26 resource has everything needed to hold UN-style climate negotiations in school to bring this critical global debate to life. See our resources page for details.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch.

We also have a number of free resources for both teachers and students to support learning about climate change. View our resources here.

Action in Schools

If you want to take action in school, ICN can support you via resources, workshops and networking.

ICN’s innovative Climate Action Survey is run online with students taking a lead role and is already providing rich insights as a springboard to taking climate action in school (example of one school’s survey).

If you are a teacher, we have a number of useful resources to support you on our resources page.

Having your say

Keep up to date with other people’s ideas and what they are saying, and have your own say, by:

Reading and occasionally contributing to:

Become a Climate Correspondent

If you are a student, apply to become a ‘Climate Correspondent’ by contributing regularly to our Stories page.


Volunteers are central to the work of ICN. You can find out more by letting us know about your interest in helping by signing up below:

Partners & Funders

ICN works with a wide range of organisations – businesses, local and national charities, public sector organisations – to deliver our work. If you would like to explore co-operation with ICN, do please contact us.

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