Fighting climate change isn’t just about using less energy for heating and lighting, or improving the energy efficiency of our industrial processes. It’s also about not wasting the things we’ve made or use.

For example we all know that’s true of food. Food waste is a Big Issue. Here are some examples of action to inspire us all to do things differently. It could be your idea, and your ambition…

Recycling Fruit

In 2013 two friends had the ambition to fight food waste the tasty way. They began by collecting surplus fruit from London’s wholesale markets and making snacks in their kitchen. After some successful crowd-finding, the first 2020 Snact products were launched in 2015.

Now they make a large range of snacks from recycled fruit. They are available via a number of major outlets.

Putting Surplus Food to Work

Fareshare has turned the food waste problem into a social solution.

They save tens of thousands of food from the food industry from going to waste, redistributing it to charities who transform it into meals for vulnerable people.

That’s to over 10,000 charities in 2000 towns and cities around the UK. And the equivalent of almost 50 million meals.

Essential Oils from … Used Coffee Grounds

The founders of a company called Revive Eco were friends at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. There they worked on an assignment to come up with a socially viable business concept. They had all worked in cafés. They had all seen the amount of wasted coffee grounds. So they invented a way of recycling them.

Coffee grounds

They worked  with Zero Waste Scotland to develop an innovative process that allows them to covert the grounds into recycled products.  They can produce all-natural plant food, and now are expanding to extract special and high value oils that can be used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food flavourings.

It Could Be You

All these people put an idea together with their ambition and created change. In these examples they did it via creating businesses. But it could be a project in school, or something to get a group of friends doing to help with climate change. And who knows where that might lead…