Use this sequence of three activities to help students develop campaigns that engage and motivate the whole school community in climate action. 

Students carry out the activities at their own pace, applying behaviour change strategies that support current ideas or new climate action plans.  

  • Ideal for an eco-group, off curriculum day or class project, especially sociology, psychology, or PSHE. 
  • Each activity can be done within 1 hour. 
  • Re-use and re-apply to every climate action that you want to deliver, from active travel to reducing waste. 
  • Part of our Climate Action Toolkit, which offers additional support and expert input.  
  • Contact ICN about free workshops and on-line support to run the activities


  • Activity 1: select your priority for climate action.
  • Activity 2: investigate what is currently preventing action from taking place.
  • Activity 3: use behaviour change ideas to make action more creative, easier and powerful.  
  • Climate Activation Framework: download the framework and complete using activities 1 to 3. 
  • Skills advice: practitioners’ advice in skills-based videos to support campaign development



Activity 1: Prioritise action.

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Activity 2: Investigate barriers.

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Activity 3: Motivate action.


Climate Activation Framework: use with activities 1 to 3.


Skills advice

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