Access our guidance, preparation activities and up-to-date briefings to hold your own high quality UN-style summit. Students represent a range of countries and research, present and debate pledges and climate challenges, then collaborate to raise global ambition for action.

  • Suitable for secondary students, and top primary age. 
  • Run the activities in class over 3 lessons, spread over 6 lessons, or in off-curriculum days.  
  • Hold a conference between eco-groups, tutor or year groups or virtually between schools. 
  • Join an ICN-run conference or request an expert facilitator here Read more. 

The briefings are for COP28 (November 2023). ICN will update our full set of preparation activities and country briefings for COP29. 

Teacher guide: details the aims and resource content with links to useful sources of information. 

Activity presentations with accompanying notes: sequence of three sessions that culminate in the climate conference. Adaptable to suit your own programmes.  

  • The road to Dubai: outlines vital stages of UN decision- making and poses questions for students to critically discuss global responses to the climate crisis. There is a focus on lived experience around the world, particularly for young people and the most vulnerable. 
  • Get ready for your conference:sets out the countries and students’ preparation task. 
  • COP comes to school: guides you and your students through your own UN-style climate conference and includes specific notes for the conference chair. 

Student pack for preparation and conference use: 

  • COP overview  gives background information and statistics, as well as a summary of all country positions. Potential collaborations are offered on the final page.  
  • Country briefings from which to select your conference delegations. 12 to 14 countries may be the ideal number for your conference. 
  • Opening statement planner to help prepare one-minute speeches. 
  • Examples of real-world solutions are provided as a handout for working groups’ reference. 



Teacher guide

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Activity presentations

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Student pack

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