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Featured Story

written by Muhammed El-Beik

Shaping Reading’s New Climate Strategy

As a sixth former at Reading School, in June I was lucky enough to be a representative at the first step in forming Reading’s new Climate Strategy and Action Plan.... read more

Fixing the future

Fixing the Future

I recently spoke at a conference in Barcelona called ‘Fixing the Future’.  The aim of the two-days was to bring together a range of different artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, and... read more

Finding our voice

Young people, perhaps more than any other group, wear their heart on their sleeve and want to say it as it is. They can translate information into human emotions and... read more

Idea + Ambition = Change

Fighting climate change isn’t just about using less energy for heating and lighting, or improving the energy efficiency of our industrial processes. It’s also about not wasting the things we’ve... read more