InterClimate Network engages young people with the challenges of Climate Change, inspires their climate action, and promotes their voices in their own sustainable future.

Recent Highlights

“I thought the student’s question to Professor Paul Williams ‘is there a tipping point?’ was inspired and the answer very sobering indeed. It has certainly re-focussed my efforts”
- Stephen Wise from ‘Reading 2050’

Climate Conference: Teams of students from secondary schools in four areas met to carry out their own COP24 debate on progress towards the Paris Agreement and try to negotiate raising ambition for more action. read more

“I want to encourage our school to use more reusable items and recycle. We all want to see tomorrow. Our actions affect that.”
- Student pledge, Solihull Conference 2018

Taking Action: Students at Go Green Day at Dinas Brân school, Llangollen generated 150 ideas for about travel, energy, single-use plastics, and food waste. The school council met with councillors in May to press for removing all single-use plastics from school. read more

“It really was inspiring to see so many young people passionate about the climate change issue and working so hard to make a difference”.
- Head of Geography, National Summit 2018

Having a say: A National Summit in Portcullis House was the culmination of our ‘Climate Voices I’ project. Talks by senior politicians and others were followed by the buzz of a climate action fair where six schools talked passionately about their own initiatives. read more

Upcoming Events

  • October ICN Action Workshops

    In October Reading Girls' School will hold an ICN Action Workshop for students to decide how they themselves can act.

    Read more
  • October 19, 2019 Politicians on the spot

    As well as showing their own climate action at Cheltenham’s Vision21’s anniversary event, on Saturday 19 October, schools in Gloucestershire will question a panel of local councillors and politicians on local progress.

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  • November 22, 2019 Schools’ Climate Conferences 2019

    London (Hounslow) will kick off the 2019 series of Climate Conferences in London, Cheltenham, Solihull, Bristol, and Reading. Students from schools across the area will debate global progress and will be inspired to more climate action by meeting local experts.

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Recent Stories

  • Shaping Reading’s New Climate Strategy

    As a sixth former at Reading School, in June I was lucky enough to be a representative at the first step in forming Reading’s new Climate Strategy and Action Plan.... read more

  • Fixing the future Fixing the Future

    I recently spoke at a conference in Barcelona called ‘Fixing the Future’.  The aim of the two-days was to bring together a range of different artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, activists, and... read more

  • Powerstation Analysis: Education Key to UK’s 2050 Emissions Target

    Theresa May has announced a dramatic step-up of the UK’s efforts to tackle climate change.  The outgoing Prime Minister pledged that by the middle of the century greenhouse gas emissions... read more