InterClimate Network engages young people with the challenges of climate change, inspires their climate action, and promotes their voices in their own sustainable future.

Recent Highlights

Great to be part of the Youth Climate Summit today and I was delighted with the launch of ICN's newly adapted resource to Bring COP26 to the Classroom
- James Streeter, Executive Chair of ICN

Over 50 organisations united for a full virtual week of climate action. Read about our session 'Bring COP26 to your classroom' and resource launch here and click to view the session film. read more

Thank you so much for organising this opportunity, our boys absolutely loved the conference and were keen for it to continue all day.
- Teacher feedback, Merseyside Schools Climate Conference 2020

In a week when many secondary students were unable to attend school because of the Coronavirus pandemic, we were more than delighted that 49 students from 9 local schools took part in a first virtual Merseyside Schools Climate Conference. read more

Most of my friends don’t know that much about what’s happening with climate change. After today I will actually go and tell my friends.
- Karviya, Hounslow secondary student

Climate Conference Video: This video captures the essence of our Climate Conferences for secondary schools, showing ICN's collaboration with the London Borough of Hounslow and 10 local schools in a high calibre event in November 2019. To view the video read more

Upcoming Events

  • May 15, 2021 I-CAN Online Training for Teachers

    This is the first training for teachers from France, Hungary, Italy and the UK for the Erasmus+ I-CAN project. ICN is excited that as one of the international partners in the collaboration, teachers from our network are taking part.

    Read more

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