InterClimate Network engages young people with the challenges of climate change, inspires their climate action, and promotes their voices in their own sustainable future.

Recent Highlights

This was my first time attending, I have been blown away by the organisation and practicality of the event.
- Teacher feedback, Reading Schools Climate Conference 2019

Summary of feedback from 2019 Conferences: Read the highlight statistics and click through to the summary for a great perspective on student and teacher views before and after these conferences. read more

Young people are pressing for change to every aspect of our lives in response to the Climate Crisis. Today we are listening to them and helping them plan to make change happen.
- Mike Barry, formerly Director of Sustainability at M&S

Over 300 young people from 39 secondary schools took part in five Climate Conferences held in Bristol, Cheltenham, Hounslow, Reading and Solihull. They excelled in complex negotiations and in raising global ambition, and really valued meeting inspiring local organisations. read more

Most of my friends don’t know that much about what’s happening with climate change. After today I will actually go and tell my friends.
- Karviya, Hounslow secondary student

Climate Conference Video: This video captures the essence of our Climate Conferences for secondary schools, showing ICN's collaboration with the London Borough of Hounslow and 10 local schools in a high calibre event in November 2019. To view the video read more

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