Our vision is that young people in the UK are empowered and enabled to lead, advocate and take action towards environmentally sustainable behaviours, career choices and societal change.

Recent Highlights

"Ultimately, many of those who participated in the survey are future custodians of the borough and will soon be making the important decisions that shape Solihull’s environment."
- Councillor Andy Mackiewicz, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, Planning and Housing

We are excited to share that the Solihull Youth Climate Action Survey Report has now been published. The report, carried out in partnership with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, communicates the views of 550 young people aged 10 to 25 within the borough, providing rich insights into the perspectives on climate change from young people in Solihull. The Report offers insights as to how the Council can support young people and involve them in Solihull’s net zero journey. read more


We’re launching a project through the Aviva Community Fund which pioneers an innovative new approach to supporting young people to lead on climate action – the Climate Action Toolkit – with a local focus on schools and young people in Buckinghamshire. read more

"Young people care the most I think as it is our future, I also think young people are a strong force to be reckoned with. Schools and places of work have the opportunity to inspire and educate."
- Student quoted in the report

A national survey from InterClimate Network finds more than 8 in 10 young people concerned about climate change, among other findings. read more