Our vision is that young people in the UK are empowered and enabled to lead, advocate and take action towards environmentally sustainable behaviours, career choices and societal change.

Recent Highlights

Through our evidence-based Climate Action Toolkit we are looking to ensure that 11 to 18 years olds are supported to carry out action, but also that their voices are heard and that they are included in decision making at all levels.
- Cecily Etherington (Associate, InterClimate Network)

Funding from Movement for Good means we can offer our insightful Climate Action Toolkit and survey free to schools on a first come, first served basis in 2023. read more

This support from Movement for Good will make a crucial difference in motivating grassroots climate action led by young people in 12 schools across the UK.
- Michila Critchley (Programme Director, InterClimate Network)

InterClimate Network has been chosen for this year's Movement for Good awards. The programme which the award supports will deliver an innovative package of support for climate action in schools which we developed and piloted last year.

Over 2000 students from more than 200 secondary schools have engaged with the resource. We have reached students across the UK and the Isle of Man, as well as students in France, Hungary and even Australia.

Our COP26 Climate Conference in the Classroom resource was selected as a winner of the Global Dimension Awards 2022 in the category for Top Resources. read more

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