Our UN-style model climate conferences inspire and enable students to ‘think globally, act locally’. Teams of students represent various countries, researching, presenting, and passionately debating their challenges and achievements. Then they move on to learn what actions they can take themselves and in their schools.

At the United Nations (UN) 2015 climate talks world leaders from 196 countries made an historic joint decision to keep the global rise in temperature well below 2 degrees Celsius. Called the Paris Agreement, it was summarised by Christiana Figueres as,

the world’s determination to de-couple global economic growth from the growth of greenhouse gases.

Our climate conferences are typically held in local council chambers and provide a multi-dimensional learning opportunity for students to:

  • engage in UN-style negotiations on global progress since the Paris Agreement
  • experience decision-making and question local decision-makers
  • investigate a range of local organisations’ ideas to inspire their own climate action.

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Resources & Briefings


Action in Schools

News, bite-sized information & detailed resources on global climate change

Resources & Briefings

Before the Conference we send up-to-date and accessible resources to help students prepare. Teachers provide time for their team(s) to study the briefings and links are included to encourage further independent research.

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Global Negotiations

During the first part of the conference, teams of students each represent a country and present their progress since the 2015 Paris Agreement. Together they debate and negotiate for more ambition in international climate targets.

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Local Action Workshops

In the second part of the event, students move from a global view to critical local action. They meet and question a variety of relevant organisations and experts to inform ideas for how they can make a positive difference through climate action in school.

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