Roll out our online survey across school, aiming for as many students as possible to ‘have a say’ and be involved in climate action planning. 

We analyse the data and provide each school with its own report that gives clear insights into students’ action on climate change, views on sustainability in school, and barriers and motivators for more action.

  • Ideal for an eco-group, off curriculum day or class project. 
  • 10 minutes to complete using online Survey Monkey.
  • Roll out the survey to fit your own timetable – whether over the course of one day or a few weeks.  
  • Part of our Climate Action Toolkit, which offers additional support and expert input.  
  • Contact ICN about running a free survey 


  • Climate Action Survey guide: explains how to run the survey in school.
  • Schools insights report example.



Climate Action Survey guide

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School insights report example

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