We provide experts’ input to boost student and teacher expertise in developing a whole school approach to climate action. These skills-based videos explore areas of behaviour change and communication practice, with a focus on getting your message across more powerfully.

Upcoming webinars 

In 2024 we are running a series of free webinars, bringing in a range of experts to offer practical support and guidance.

  • Next webinar details coming soon!

Creative campaigns with a buzz 

Join Holly Smith, Creative Partner, from Hubbub as she explores ways to make people willing and able to take climate action. She focuses on making action playful and positive, from disco bins to pirate anti littering campaigns.  

Positive social media 

Join Jess Ruscombe – King from EdenTree’s Marketing team as she outlines a recent positive social media campaign she executed. She explores the benefit of using different social media platforms to engage your audience and promote your campaign, including Strava.  

Talking to your audience 

Listening to and working with your school community is key to creating change. Join Holly Everett, Head of Programmes, at Reboot the Future as she outlines her communication tips, from finding common ground between us all to painting a positive picture of what is possible.  

Gathering insights 

Digging into the behaviours of your audience – such as what motivates or challenges them – can help you make better decisions. In this video Aniko Lakezi, Senior Research Manager at Globescan explores research design, including measuring public attitudes, designing surveys, running focus groups and making the most out of your data.  

Motivating action  

There are lots of different techniques that you could use to motivate climate action. In this video Leigh, an MSc Behaviour Change student at University College London, shares motivational tips from creating rewards to linking to co-benefits. 

Questions answered videos

This Questions answered took place at the end of a workshop with Holly Everett from Reboot the Future and Aniko Lakezi from GlobeScan. This includes: 

  • Advice on how to make debates with large groups of people more engaging and productive. 
  • How to recruit focus groups, and whether to do in person or virtual groups. 
  • Examples of using your key findings, such as talking to decision makers.  

This Questions answered took place at the end of a workshop with Holly from Hubbub and Jess from EdenTree. This includes:  

  • How to create ballot bins in your school 
  • The best length of videos for social media, and other tips 
  • Why it’s important to be positive in your campaign