An important youth voice was presented at COP28 this December at a high-level side event organised by Wellington College and the Latin American Organization for Climate Action (OLAC).

Session Title: Successful South- South- North Collaboration in Capacity Building Practices to promote regional and international synergies on ACE for the successful implementation of its action plan.

COP28 Thematic Day: Day 2: World Climate Action Summit

Date: Friday, 01st December 2023

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am (UAE TIME)/ UK time: 6:30 am

All schools are invited to endorse the COP28 Student Declaration and refer to it in their own events and activities taking place in the coming weeks.

Work towards the declaration began in June when students from four neighbouring schools and Wokingham Youth Council participated in a mock COP run with InterClimate Network. The views of young people from Wellington College, Edgbarrow School, Holme Grange School, Charters School and the Youth Council formed the starting point of a declaration. A small lead group of students at Wellington College undertook further research and consultation during autumn term, and brought the declaration together with support from ICN and Wellington College’s Head of Sustainability, Ana Romero. She also has a formal role in the negotiations as Senior Advisor to the Mexican Delegation in matters of Action for Climate Empowerment and Capacity Building.

June 2022 Mock COP with pupils from Wellington College, Edgbarrow School, Holme Grange School, Charters School and Wokingham Youth Council.

In the declaration, young people clearly state the need for countries at COP28 to make good their commitments and promises for actions, including in the area of education for tackling the climate crisis. Young people in China, India and Thailand who form part of the Wellington family of schools have also endorsed the document, so it is representing more than 6000 student voices.

The side-event took place at the Greening Education Hub hosted by the Ministry of Education of UAE and UNESCO. It was also delivered by a Wellington College student, Keira Salata in her role of Youth and Climate Ambassador, to high-level officials of the UNFCCC, the Presidency of COP28, representatives of different constituencies, and other relevant actors.